Most fellows arrived the 19th of June 2022 and went for a walk through Amsterdam;
Second training week June 19th 2022
The first part of the course is in Amsterdam:
B1. Workshop Basic Microscopy in Oncology organized by AMC - Amsterdam, June 20-23 2022
This course willbe taylored to the needs of the Hyperboost fellows, and will be abroad introduction into microscopywith some hands-on work and possibilities and a separate data-analysis and application course.
This is followed by a symposium in Rotterdam on the 24th of July (Symposium on tomorrow’s clinical hyperthermia: the legacy of Prof. Gerard van Rhoon) and a social event on the 25th (including a typical Dutch treat), with the 26th free to spend time in Amsterdam. (Program)

B10. Mentoring organiser: Duke University Medical Center, USA, June 27-28 2022

This course was postponed from January 2022.

Effective mentoring is key to the education and training of clinical and translational ESRs. This 2-day course provides a supportive environment to ESRs and their mentors, with research mentoring to foster growth throughout one’s professional career. Introductory mentor and mentee resources are framed around 4 phases of ESR-mentor relationship:

  • Selection
  • Alignment
  • Cultivation
  • Closure

Topics Covered; Effective Communication, Aligning Expectations, Learning Compacts, Assessing Understanding, Equity and Inclusion, Fostering Independence, Articulating your mentoring philosophy, Promoting Professional Development.)- (Program)


Then the group will transfer to Utrecht on the 29th for the final two days;

A 2 days Hand- on ESHO training organized by AMC/EMC/Chalmers (which will be followed by a theoretical part in September in Gotenborg)  Rotterdam/Amsterdam/Eindhoven, June 29-30 2022, (Program)

 departure July 1st!